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Improved Sub Domain URL's for AMP Blogger Pages for Sharing

Improved Sub Domain URL's for AMP Blogger Pages for Sharing
Late 2016 there were issues hacker, spammers & phishers have continuously mis-using Google's AMP URL's, by disguising their shared URL's using https://www.google.com/amp/{{YOUR-DOMAIN}} & sending out to users, especially in social media website's/apps & emails.

If you are a Blogger, utilizing & sharing your Blogger pages using AMP version pages, will let your readers reach your blog quicker, access your contents at incredible speed - even on slower & poor internet connections.

New Google AMP cache URL for sharing

Google AMP Project team kept their word & now AMP pages URL's will use the existing domain URL scheme - added as a "sub-domain" to the AMP URL's.

Below is how you can share your Blogger page URL's & use Google's AMP cache URL's to leverage your blog post contents deliverable to your readers

Before this URL change, an AMP URL pretty much looks like so:-


With this new Google AMP Project URL update, your AMP pages will look like this:-


<!-- example for blogger URL's -->


Where * is the AMP js cache version, replace with an integer (ie: 1, 5, 9 etc). Noticed the dots (.) is updated an using a dash (-) instead ? This AMP URL change is further announced here by Google at AMP Project blog.

When sharing Blogger AMP pages URL's, users can clearly see the domain name visible in the AMP URL scheme, it will be human-readable when character limits & technical specs allow, and will closely resemble publisher’s own domain.

Updated Google AMp URL for sharing

Google also reminded users that they will continue to support existing AMP Cache'd URLs but will eventually re-direct to the new AMP URL scheme instead.

The ability for spammers & phishers to disguise Google's related links with actual https://www.google.com/ URLs was a security loophole & this change is great news, looking forward. This will definitely enforce Google’s mission to make the web more secured.

Further details on Google AMP URL's updates, the URL conversions, how the new AMP URL's is mapped, can be referenced at AMP Project blog

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