Create Blogger AMP HTML template install & download Accelerated Mobile Pages themes for Blogspot platform.

Blogger AMP HTML Features & Enhancements

Blogger AMP HTML Features & Enhancements
This page explains all the awesome features available for BlogrAMP Blogger template with AMP HTML integrations. BlogrAMP theme aims to put your blog contents up front while optimized for best user engagements.

AMP HTML Blogger Template Tutorial & Download Blogspot Theme

clear No 3rd Party Application

Apart from AMP components & plug-ins provided by Google, this Blogger template does not rely on any 3rd party applications.

file_download Easy & Quick Install

Create a free blog, upload template, upload sample pages & customize. Let your ideas go wild!

find_in_page Support From Search Engines

Content is king, get top positions in search results with minimal effort.

timeline Statistics & Data Report

All important data right from your dashboard, analysis made super easy.

web_asset Instant Page Display

Either on the web or in mobile, blog pages instantly displayed on users screen.

code Clean & Read Able Markups

Makes it super easy to customize layout to your own.

library_add Pre-Installed Styles Included

Use the many CSS style helpers to quickly style page elements like professionals. Learn more

library_books Heavily Documented

Comes with a very comprehensive template documentation, covers topics from installation to featured customization.

people Build Engagements

From featured posts, display selective posts, related posts or interactive comments, all with one goal - optimizing user engagements.

share Social Sharing Ready

Minimal markup, share posts to major social media websites easily.

insert_comment Comments Ready

Choose to use Disqus or Google+ comments system - or maybe both.

label Post Categorization

Categorize posts with dedicated links built automatically.

monetization_on Ads Placement Ready

Strategically placed ads placement, update right from dashboard without template code editing.

trending_up Optimize Social Posts Display

Display your favorite posts from Twitter, Instagram and others, optimized for the web & mobile.

cached Re-useable Components

Custom components can be re-used with added styling to blend with initial theme design.

build More Than 500 Web Icons Available

Use & display icons with minimal efforts & coding - Material Icons by Google

compare Style Your Blog Pages

Select & choose amongt thousands of cool web fonts brought to you by Google Fonts.

group_add Unlimited Support

Free & unlimited support by theme designers/authors.

Blogr-AMP Blogger AMP HTML TemplateRated 5/5 based on 98 reviewsFeatured rich Blogger template added AMP HTML components and tags to speed up blog & web pages display on any devices. Take your blog contents & build engagements with minimal effort as BlogrAMP Blogspot template design & layout covers all the necessity & functionality to grow your blog like never before!Blogr-AMP: Blogger AMP HTML Features & Enhancements
5/ 5
Best AMP Blogger template, Blogr-AMP exceeded my expectations. Search engine friendly, easy to use, backed by great support This page explains all the awesome features available for BlogrAMP Blogger template with AMP HTML integrations. BlogrAMP theme aims to put y....

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