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AMP HTML for Blogger Theme with E-Commerce & Shopping Cart

AMP HTML for Blogger Theme with E-Commerce & Shopping Cart
In the middle of July 2017, we introduced the 7th edition for BlogrCart Blogger themes with e-commerce functionality. Create online web stores get much more easier on a perfectly free platform like Blogger (aka blogspot).

We received many requests by our users to convert this ecommerce Blogger template to use AMP HTML which includes the usage of search product data tags introduced by search engines like Google.

Initially, BlogrCart SEVEN theme is using responsive design approach -- Bootsrap3 framework, which makes your blog store display unique on the web & mobile devices -- while looking professional too!

Blogger E-commerce Theme BlogrCart Seven Online Store with AMP HTML?

We also introduced new blogger template data tags which blogger team released with the newer themes in late April 2017 ie Soho, Contempo, Emporio & Notable. This allows for more dynamic displays of your contents output with this theme.

Here's what's in store with BlogrCart Seven Bloger E-commerce theme:-

Blogger Template Design in General

  • Newest Blogger template data tags (version 3)
  • Responsive design
  • No 3rd party application
  • No programming required
  • Multiple product by category display
  • Sort by product display
  • Image slider with auto constructor
  • Dropdown navigation auto constructor
  • Contact form page ready
  • Easy text editing and language update.
  • Works as a store or normal posts.
  • Sample theme text and pages included.
  • Looks awesome on the web & mobile devices.
  • Quick editing & access tool

Shopping Cart & E-commerce Functionalities

  • Send email orders with form ready
  • Paypal checkout pre-installed.
  • Unlimited currency settings.
  • Auto tax calculation.
  • Preset shipping methods pre-installed.
  • Checkout to supported Paypal currency.
  • Discount code checkout.
  • Intuitive & most engaged checkout flow.
  • Supports custom shipping checkout.
  • Product search.
  • Intuitive shopping cart view display.

Product & Post Display

  • Related products display.
  • In-page quick sharing
  • Product zoom
  • Product image pop over.
  • Product select option
  • Product select update price available.
  • Product offers display.
  • Product status.
  • Product ratings.
  • Compatible with unsupported currency display.
  • Comments as reviews.

Search Engine Enhancements

  • Search engine tags ready
  • Blog/store meta data tags ready
  • Unique fallback for unavailable data tags.
  • Mobile app icon ready.
  • Compressed functions for quicker page display.

You can find BlogrCart Seven Blogger theme detail features at this page . You can also download the theme files here at our theme gallery .

The theme file is the exact copy of the demo (live preview) with all sample text & sample product pages for you to use. These sample texts makes it easy for users to setup your online store in less than 2 minutes -- seriously.

In the meanwhile, works for BlogrCart SEVEN conversion to use AMP HTML (and become valid) is still ongoing & we hope to provide more add-ons for the strong 2K+ users (till August 2017) who are currently using this theme collection.

Hopefully when AMP HTML is incorporated with this unique Blogger template with e-commecre functions, it will hopefully boost products (& posts) in search engines with minimal effort.

Like any of our blogger themes or free blogspot plugins, support & help is absolutely free. A token of appreciation for the tremendous support since 2011 where currently we have reached an average 21,000 theme downloads a month -- thank you!

Blogr-AMP Blogger AMP HTML TemplateRated 5/5 based on 98 reviewsNew Blogger theme project convert existing Blogspot blogs template with shopping cart e-commerce functions & use AMP integrations charge ahead in search engines with minimal effort.Blogr-AMP: AMP HTML for Blogger Theme with E-Commerce & Shopping Cart
5/ 5
Best AMP Blogger template, Blogr-AMP exceeded my expectations. Search engine friendly, easy to use, backed by great support In the middle of July 2017, we introduced the 7th edition for BlogrCart Blogger themes with e-commerce functionality. Create online web sto....

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