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Blazing Speed for AMP Pages on Google Search Announced

Blazing Speed for AMP Pages on Google Search Announced
On May 17th Google I/O 2017 developers conference will kick off & Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) accessed in Google Search will now load ridiculously fast -- trimmed down to half!

AMP Project was 1st unveiled by Google as an open source initiative in October 2015. Since then, the company has been working hard to add new features & push AMP --  not only on their own products, but the inter-web.

Google Blogger AMP HTML Template Displays Twice as Fast in Google Search

In September 2016, Google Search rolled out AMP support for developer preview & now Google has already cut/reduced AMP pages/contents display time in half!.

How does AMP Pages get the Additional Speed?

Google explains that this improvement is due to several key optimizations made to the Google AMP Cache. Among them are:-

  • Server-side rendering of AMP components.
  • Reducing bandwidth usage for images by 50% without affecting the original image quality.
  • Brotli compression algorithm -- reduce document size by additional 10%. 

Brotli is a Google's open source compression data library deployed in September 2015, a successor to the Zopfli algorithm (introduced in 2013).

Websites Statistics for AMP

Google also shared new platforms & websites have joined the AMP ecosystem & announced this...

  • Over 2 billion AMP pages & 900K domains with AMP on the web. 
  • Bing, Baidu, Sogou & Yahoo Japan search engine giants now supports AMP pages.

AMP on Social Networks

Twitter now is linking to AMP pages from its new mobile web app & hopefully will be launching AMP support for Android & iOS.

China’s largest social network, Tencent Qzone & Weibo (3rd largest), are also adopting AMP pages. While Tumblr says it is publishing over 340 million blogs across 500K domains in AMP this coming week.

AMP for E-commerce

We might see plans by eBay to use AMP across all its product pages in the coming future. While Zalando is getting in on the action -- implementing AMP to its 250K product pages.

By the turn of next week, Google will announce AMP Project roadmap for the next quarter of the year and definitely users can see that this project momentum is going on strong.

No news of yet for AMP HTML support on Blogger platform -- still a bummer ;( . But AMP HTML Blogger themes are available here at this blog & supports published posts! Contact us for more information.
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