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Auto Check AMP HTML Errors for Blogger with Accelerated Mobile Pages

Auto Check AMP HTML Errors for Blogger with Accelerated Mobile Pages
Create, publish & share you blog posts is one thing, managing your blog "health" in search engines is another. When using Google powered AMP HTML web/blog pages, strict rules applies when HTML element is used which may cause AMP validation error.

Do you have to check your Blogger AMP HTML pages for errors everyday? Do you need any 3rd party services or an extra hand to help you do this? Find your answers below...

AMP HTML Blogger Template Search Console Checker

The answer is no. On blogger (or any HTML web pages) you do not have too. Google already provides the easy solution for you. If you are on Blogger & using AMP HMTL integrations, the access is right from your dashboard!.

Meet Google Search Console

A simple solution to monitor your blog health in search engines, with data & tools to further extend your blog pages in search engine.

Where is it On Blogger?

You can find Google Search Console by going to:-

  • At Blogger Left Panel click Settings
  • Click Search Preference link and find Crawlers & Indexing
  • At Google Search Console click the Edit eink 

How Do I Use It?

You have to let Google Search Console know you own your blog & have all the access.

  • At Google Search Console click the Add A Property button
  • Fill in the form by including your blog URL
  • Click Add
  • You will need to verify your blog. Find HTML meta verification & copy the codes.
  • Head over to your blog Template HTML and find <head> tag. Paste the verification codes.
  • Head back to Search Console & click the Verify button & done.

Once Verified your blog thumbnail, URL will appear at your Search Console homepage. You will also receive messages by Google Search Console & step-by-step instructions to include all the necessary measures in order for Google Search to check your blog health.

Once you have everything configured, it may take a while for Google Search to index your pages & provide the necessary data.

Based on our experience with blog/website owners, it may take from 7 to 14 days to compile all the data & display on your Search Console dashboard. this includes data on your Blogger & Accelerated Mobile Pages integrations.

Where Can I View Accelerated Mobile Pages Data?

At your Google Search Console, it should be under Search Appearance > Accelerated Mobile Pages link.

How Do I Get the Auto Notifier?

Once you have registered your blog URL & verified, all notification will be sent to the Gmail email address you are logged in with. Which means not only you will receive any critical errors regarding you blog pages, but you will also receive notifications for your AMP HTML integrations errors.

For AMP HTML errors, Google Search Console will also list down what type of error occurs and you can use it as a guide to locate the errors at your HTML. If you have a developer friend, you can easily send the error data & they can easily sort it out for you.

What we have experience, each AMP HTML integrated pages which has errors will be notified almost instantly by Google Search Console via email. Now you have I less work to worry about & you totally focus on your awesome posts. 

What do you think? If you have registered with Google Search Console, how long did Google Search displayed your pages data? We would love to read your findings...
Blogr-AMP Blogger AMP HTML TemplateRated 5/5 based on 98 reviewsAuto send error notification for AMP HTML integration with Blogger blog templates and websites use Google Search Console to track & monitor your website health, collect data to enhance blog/web pages in search engine. Find tools to check your website or blog current status, makes it easy for beginners to learn in detail & dive in deep on web page optimization & best practices.Blogr-AMP: Auto Check AMP HTML Errors for Blogger with Accelerated Mobile Pages
5/ 5
Best AMP Blogger template, Blogr-AMP exceeded my expectations. Search engine friendly, easy to use, backed by great support Create, publish & share you blog posts is one thing, managing your blog "health" in search engines is another. When using Goog....

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